Review of Fanny

Fanny is an elegant and seductive blonde MILF lady who loves to shoot amateur porn videos and photo sets. She is one of the many women who are past their middle age, and who are craving for cors even decades after.


With her plump, curvy body she will seduce many men, drive them into her bedroom and let them use her fat cunt in any way possible. With this kind of experience, comes classy porna and really sincere action you won't find in premium, professional, feature porn films. This way you are looking at real woman and housewife, willing to explore all limits of her sexuality and to get genuinely pleasure and satisfied in front of the camera. Gems like Fanny are rare to find especially when she is doing some classy photo shoots.

In almost all movies she puts on some sexy and elegant lingerie and hosiery on, then teases one of her many hung partners before she starts swallowing their cocks and licking their balls. Once the cocks are fully ready she lets them ravage her used, hairy bush and then shoot their jizz all over her sensational body. But, this is just the main action, she is willing to push all the limits and to go into all sorts of weird and bizarre fetishes.

For example, one of her lovers is into crossdressing so she lets him put on some of her lingerie along with her, before she starts sucking his boner and letting him put his sissy cock inside her cunt. Because of this fetish variety, Fanny is one of the finest amateur porn ladies you will find online and if you are into this kind of stuff, she won't disappoint you for sure, so make sure you pay a visit to one of galleries and video clips.

Price: $29.95
Period: 30 days

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