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Hardcore Matures is home to the ripest pornstar fruit on the biggest tree around. Just pure mature porn for all mature and granny lovers across the net.

Hardcore matures

For those tired of sites that call themselves “mature” because a 20-something blonde pretends to be a mother, has the perfect cure: real mature pussy fucking, sucking and getting dosed in loads of cum. This site stars women that, at their youngest, are in their very late 30s, with most of them in their mid-to-late 40s.

The action here is pretty much as wild and hardcore as it gets. These experienced and cock hungry moms search out and have their way with big young cocks, sometimes a few at a time. Whatever morals, limits, or decency they may have had has since evaporated in their lust for the cock that their husbands just weren’t giving to them. Hardcore Matures showcases this wild and exciting content in a huge library of photos and videos.

At the time of our review this site had over 330 videos for download in excellent quality Windows Media formats. These videos can either be grabbed as a series of short clips in individual files or as a whole scene in on e file, and kept for as long as you feel like storing it. The action here goes from regular mature moms in their 40s to plump, fat grandmas in their late 60s. Cumshots, threesomes, lesbian fucking, cock sucking, cum eating and swallowing, you name it, its here!

Besides all those videos members will have over 400+ photo galleries to contend with, each one packed with around 50 pics each. These are good quality photos without watermarks that you can browse online and download. Again, the action in these photos is comparable to the videos: hot and diverse, with mature babes being the only real constant.

As a member you’re also going to have access to over 40 other porn sites, which is really mind-blowing for a site that is already as huge as is. All together you’re getting access to a huge library of videos and photos of hardcore porn that includes tons of mature content as well as other niches and fetishes. This site should be in your top five!

Price: $39.95
Period: 30 days
Other Info : Tons of hot BBW and old movies, access to other niche websites, updated weekly

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